The primary work of an air cleaner is to filter out all the impurities and harmful ingredients like dust particles, odors, pet allergens from your home. Therefore, the air in the room you breathe becomes much cleaner. All air cleaners are available in a portable version or on a whole home centralized system. Air cleaners or air purifiers enhance the quality of the air and allow us to breathe fresh air and that too too in a much affordable cost. Therefore, when you start shopping for air purifiers, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow on the basis of air cleaner features.

All portable air purifiers can be placed at any corners of your home. One of the most likely areas is the room where you can harness the maximum benefit. It means the spaces where you find the maximum invasion of allergens, dust particles. It can be the living room or the bedroom; rather it should be fitted in such a space where you spend the maximum hours in 24 hours.

Since most of these units are available in portable version, they can be rented to a vacation and can be used in motel rooms as well. Due to its portability you can even transfer the machine from one room to another but for the purpose you may have to consider for a compact model. Find a spot that is well leveled and is close to a plug-in outlet and the cleaner should be placed at last 3 "away from the wall. For more information, you can read the user manual and carry out the instructions carefully.

The capacity and the size of the air purifiers depend on the size of the room area when you intend to use. The efficiency reading of the machine should be based on average room sizes and depending on the volume of air that will pass through the unit. You can even decide on some special features like the multiple settings option, the weight and on the sound emitted.

Air purifiers work best when filtration occurs and it should happen in three stages. Therefore, while purchasing air purifiers, this important point should always be kept in mind.


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