Rugged convertible tablets are a laptop computer just like any other, although the screen flips around and changes to show the screen as the top so that you can write on it like a tablet of paper. And the fact that it's rugged means it's in cased in a hardened and sometimes rubber-like material so that it will withstand many of the elements such as dirt, wind, water and snow. Plus, it's made to withstand a fall from several feet without breaking or cracking or damaging your information that is stored on the HDD. The LCD screen is shatterproof.

A rugged convertible tablet is easy to carry when used out in the field or warehouse or anywhere you need a convertible tablet. They are great when you are taking inventory or to show other people what you are doing because the display screen swivels around to make a screen everyone can see or just one that sits on top of the laptop.

If you need to make a presentation, the rugged convertible tablet is a great item to make your presentations on. You can design your presentation, using charts and graphics, even use a Power Point presentation and then allow everyone sitting at a table view it. The screens are usually about 10.4 "-12.1" which is pretty good size depending on what you are presenting.

Taking a rugged convertible tablet with you if you are a salesperson in the field it's a great idea because you can present to your client or talk about products and services on the go without having a bunch of paper to get confused or blown away when you are presenting outside in the elements. The rugged convertible tablet is great for when you need to show someone what you are thinking but can not get them to visualize it with your words, using the touch screen you can write or draw directly on the LCD.

Because the convertible tablets are rugged they can go anywhere you do, to a construction site where there is dirt and water and it could have been dropped and not be broken because of it's magnesium housing. You can add a number of items to the rugged convertible tablets such as a removable shock mounted hard drive, touchscreen so you just touch what you need without having to use a keyboard which is extremely hidden under the screen when the screen is turned around or an outdoor readable LCD screen so that you can make presentations or show people what is on your screen when you are out in the sunshine without having to find a shady spot or go inside because the outdoor readable LCD is made especially for the outdoor laptops and tablets.

Most rugged convertibles tablets feature Intel Core 2 Duo processors and maxing RAM at 4GB. Internal radios like GPS, WWAN and 802.11 a / b / g are also options for these machines. Fully rugged mean the machine is MIL-STD 810F tested allowing the rugged tablet to take a beating and to put up with the every day rigors of use. Panasonic and Getac are two of the top players for ruggedized tablets. is a provided of rugged convertibles tablets, visit them to see exactly how a these machines work. has in house experts that can help you with your rugged laptop and tablet needs.


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