If you are looking for a convenient way to scan a few or even a thousand photos flawlessly and almost effortlessly, you may have considered buying a photo scanner and printer. Not only will you be able to turn old photos into digital prints, you will be able to upload them to your computer with multi photo scanning with these convenient printing machines.

Years ago, these were often looked for because of the hassle it takes to upload and scan multiple photos at once, but they were not hot sellers. The reason was that there were only a few models available and they were very expensive, therefore, many people decided to outsource their scanning needs. Since then, popular printer makers have taken it on, and now provide the multi task printers for sale for nearly any budget size. It costs much less to have your own printer than it does to have someone else do the work for you. Besides the fact that many people are looking to upload and transform old photos to digital, and found it difficult to entrust someone else with their precious pictures.

Things you will find convenient about these types of printers is the fact that you will easily be able to upload many photos if you purchase one that features the automatic feed option. This means you can place 10-100 photos on the printer tray, and it will feed them into the scanner for you and load them individually. You can upload them to your computer and send them to a digital printing company, and your cherished pictures never even have to leave your home. If you choose to buy a printer that has good printing quality, you can print them in your own home. Many times the pictures will turn out just as good as if you had them sent to a professional lab. The photo paper and printing ink can get expensive if you are doing hundreds or thousands of pictures, but if only doing a few these will be great for your project!

You can even find the printers that will automatically upload you documents and scan them into your computer as well. The convenience of these all in one machine is unmatched, and will be a great addition to any home office space. Often, you can pick these printers up for under $ 200.00, which is a real bargain for the use you will get out of them!


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