There are many different cuckoo clock companies that work to make all sorts of different types of cuckoo clocks. These groups are ones that work to make cuckoo clocks to strong standards and in many cases in ways that have been used for centuries. Here are some of the top cuckoo clock manufacturers to check out when looking for a one.

The Adolf Herr Cuckoo Clock company offers cuckoo clocks that are made with strong standards. These clocks are hand built and are made through wood that is from the Black Forest of Germany, a place where it have been manufactured for centuries and where many of these clock type materials come from.

The Anton Schneider company has been working to build cuckoo clocks for people all over the world since the middle part of the nineteenth century. This company hires only people who are highly experienced in the manufacturing of these clocks. An incredible variety of it are made from this company. These range from smaller cuckoo clocks that are twenty centimeters in length to larger ones that are three hundred centimeters long. This company is available online at

The Swiss company Lötscher, which is online at, features some of the most highly detailed cuckoo clocks that are available in the world. These clocks are ones that include 1-day and 8-day movement options and designs that have authentic sound pipes. Quartz battery powered clocks are also available from this company.

The Robert Herr company, which can be found at, is a company that has been in operation for generations. This company is one of the world’s top cuckoo clock companies in that it features symmetrically-designed clocks that are handmade and are very well designed will all sorts of themes.

The last of the companies to check out is the Harzer company. The Harzer company is online at and features various different cuckoo clocks. This company has been in operation for more than sixty years in this field. The materials used for the clocks in this company are ones that are gathered from the Black Forest and are raised to the highest possible standards.


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