There are 5 gadgets that any geek should never leave the home without because if you have some spare time you should take every opportunity you get to do what you love and that is have fun!The problem is you cant take every gadget with you and because of this you will have to decide which ones are more important to you. Here are the 5 gadgets you should not leave home without!

1. Cell phone.

The cell phone is the most important devise you could ever leave at home. If you leave your mobile phone at home you have no communication with any one and you cant browse the web on the move and check email wile you wait for the bus or train.

2. mp3 player.

Whether you go to work on the train or if you have your own transport some times you just want to listen to your own music and when you don’t have your own music on hand you get very frustrated!Always take your mp3 player with you so that if the radio is just not entertaining you or if there is a baby crying you can get away from it all.

3. Hand-held devise(PSP, nintendo dci)

Every gamer out there knows that every second you could of been playing a game but weren’t is a wast of time so because of this you should always carry your favourite hand-held gaming console around with the top 5 games you like.

4. Netbook/notebook

If you want to browse the web wile you drinking coffee the best thing to do is pull out your netbook and go online vie the wifi hotspot.

5. Flash disk

You never know when you will need to get some files from some one or if you will have to backup some data, by carrying around a flash disk all the time you have peace of mind that you wont have to waist time asking people if you can borrow theirs.


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